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Tasting menu 130 €
Tasting menu+ wine pairing 198 €

Kaido Sushi Bar offers you a unique gastronomic experience. But in order to enjoy it to the full, we advise you to take into account the following observations:

– Lunch and dinner services start at 14:00 hours and 20:30 hours respectively and the restaurant will open its doors 15 minutes before each service. Please be punctual.

We allow 15 minutes for the start of the service, which will run at the same time for all those attending. After this time, the rest of the diners who arrive late will continue the menu at the point where they are.

– After 30 minutes, the reservation will be considered cancelled. The amount of the penalization for a delay of 30 minutes or for not giving at least 48 hours notice of cancellation will be the full cost of the menu.

– Our cuisine is closely linked to the sea. We therefore recommend that vegetarians, coeliacs and people with possible allergies to fish, shellfish and seaweed do not book our restaurant.

– Most of our menu consists of raw fish, so we recommend pregnant women to enjoy the Kaido experience at another time.

– We recommend people aged 15 and over to attend, as we only accept children for the tasting menu.

– We advise you to go to the restaurant without perfume or with a very light one so that you can enjoy the service to the maximum and so that the smells of others do not interfere with the smells of the dishes.

Kaido Sushi Bar


Si no encuentra fecha para reservar en las próximas semanas en Kaido Sushi Bar, también puede disfrutar de nuestro restaurante Shinkai Tastem.

Reserva en Shinkai Tastem

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